11-13 October, 2018
Dubrovnik, Croatia
EVU 2018


Dear guests,

Welcome to Dubrovnik, the city situated in the far south of our beautiful Croatia.

Steeped in history, Dubrovnik boasts impressive city walls, considered to be its most valuable heritage. Walking the city’s ancient streets and squares feels like taking a step back in time.
Dubrovnik, also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, teems with cultural, media and entertainment events. We are very proud that numerous feature films, as well as the cult TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, were filmed at some of Dubrovnik’s most popular locations that are definitely worth a visit.
Even if you are not a fan of history, Dubrovnik will surely impress you!
Click the following link for information on how to get to Dubrovnik: http://www.tzdubrovnik.hr/lang/en/news/kako_doci_do_dubrovnika/index.html